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Dadanco was founded on innovation around a new nozzle design for perimeter induction units.

Today, that design is used on induction units and active chilled beams alike.

Dadanco Passive and Active Chilled Beam systems are often an ideal green solution to meet high energy efficiency standards. With induction ratios up to 4:1, active chilled beams are able to transfer large portions of the cooling and heating load from the primary air system and into the more efficient water system. The passive beams use the natural movement of air to transfer cooling energy for a water system into a space, ideal for areas with a high sensible load. Chilled beams are offered in a wide variety of sizes and configurations to fit almost every application engineers are faced with today.

Similar to the active chilled beams, Dadanco offers perimeter induction units in two configurations. Either for a new design in a building or retro fitting and replacing an aging system, these units combine the primary and water systems’ energy to conditions spaces. They can be installed on their own or part of a larger system design that also includes chilled beams.

The Dadanco nozzles are also used on lower-temperature, lower-quality air infusers. These units are used in systems with low supply air temperature at low volumes. This air then induces room or plenum air to increase both the volume and temperature of air supplied to the room. These units are available in one, two, and four-way blow configurations.

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